What’s scaring me today?

So it’s technically Oct 31. Halloween. OOoooo scary, right?

Yes. Because all I can think about is tomorrow- Nov 1st, NaNoWriMo starts!!

I can’t believe I’m nervous for an online commitment! I made a real life marriage commitment in front of my family & friends… why can’t I do *this*? I have a few plots brewing, but nothing concrete. I probably should have made an outline, right? :-/ I’m bad at planning my writing though…

What I’d like to know is how no one cheats. You could spend a year writing a novel and then post it little by little every day of November…. hmm….

The other thing I was really scared of today was wondering if trick-or-treaters were coming to my door, ringing the doorbell all night. Turns out, no one wants to trick-or-treat in a huge apartment complex that has hundreds of front doors. Go figure. If there was a complex like that where I grew up, you better believe I would have been all over that!

What else frightens me? Fickle friends, hidden gluten in foods that look safe, and getting pregnant before I’m ready. But that’s for another post.

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