10 People I Like, part 1 of 1.

Barbara Walters had her “10 most interesting people” interviews. I don’t know the art of interviewing people, but I don’t think Barbara should really be on the air anymore. She’s grotesque to look at, no? And her voice is annoying.  Also, I went away from the special, only interested in half the people.  The others were just “popular” and not interesting.  I don’t know about interesting, but I do know there are 10 people I’d love to meet and talk to.

10 people (dead&alive) I would want to meet and maybe amateurishly interview:

(in no order)

Anneliese Marie Frank – Better known as Anne Frank. She has been my favorite person since 5th grade when I read and fell in love with her story. One project in high school involved dressing up as a historical person, learning everything about them and becoming them. We were interviewed as our person and had to answer as them. I think I knew Anne Frank inside and out. It was awesome. Anyway, she made me love writing and reading and helped me deal with my own troubles growing up.

Noam Chomsky – best known for being the “father” of linguistics. I’m really fascinated with language acquisition and Chomsky started the debates for all sides with his strongly universal stance regarding grammar rules. Basically, that all humans have the innate ability for language learning. Others who disagree say we don’t and that it’s relative to the person, hence the name “relativism.”

Lauren Conrad – mostly because I’d like to know what it was REALLY like on The Hills. On camera and off. I’d love to know how much of that show was real and how much & what wasn’t. Also, she wrote a book about nothing special and if she can, I can!

Heidi Montag Pratt – also would like her take on The Hills. And I want to see what she looks like up close. Plus, she&her sort-of interesting husband just wrote a book and I will need to have connections.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck – I think she’s just lovely. I hate that she never is allowed to finish her sentences on The View, even though she’s the only one with a college education… HMM. I’d love to talk to her about celiac disease, g-free things and her political views since they are changing and I’d like to know why.

Sarah Palin – a smart conservative lady who doesn’t get the respect she deserves. What’s funny is she’s also smarter than the people who make fun of her. I look forward to reading her book and I think she has some good stuff to say. I want to know where she got her kid’s names, too. As I am an avid fan of weird names!

Steve Carell – do I really need to explain that I wanna meet him because he’s hilarious?

Britney Spears – she seems interesting and I bet she has some fun stories.

Michael Crichton – America’s greatest author. I don’t care about those “classic” authors who wrote the “Great American Novels” because (1) most of those books are boring and (2)Michael Crichton’s books are ridiculously well researched, informative and entertaining. He is terribly fascinating with his various background experiences and writing skill. I would have loved to meet him before he died.

JRR Tolkien – he made up his own language. He should get an award for just that! But he also created worlds&characters that turned into some of the greatest stories of all time. The Lord of the Rings books (& the Silmarillion) really changed how I saw fantasy lit. He and Crichton are really tied for best author, but Tolkien can be Britain’s greatest author, since America has one.

*Notice most have written books, either intentional or not. I like writers :)

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