Sunday Scribbling: Weird

As it is Sunday, I have dedicated this day of the week to explore the art of using someone else’s ideas.  I like to think of it as sharing…

Sunday Scribblings has the topic for the day: weird.

Of course, when I see the word, I immediately think of my favorite band of all time (Hanson) and their song, Weird*.  It’s about how “we all feel a little bit weird sometimes” and wanting to find someone who can relate.  Haters can make fun of Hanson, but their music is actually quite amazing. They often write powerful lyrics and always have amazing melodies.  None of their songs sound the same, which I find is common among other musicians I like. I think they also stand out because they are one of the few “indie” bands who have their own label, write original music, play medium sized shows, aren’t on the radio, and give to charities. I’m not a music snob by any means. I love me some Britney and Lady Gaga. But there’s something special about the musicians who take the time to write and play meaningful things (that also sound good).

Isn’t it hard, standing in the rain
Yeah you’re on the verge of going crazy and your heart’s in pain
No one can hear, but you’re screaming so loud
You feel like you’re all alone in a faceless crowd
Isn’t it strange how we all get a little bit weird sometimes
Sitting on the side, waiting for a sign, hoping that my luck will change
Reaching for a hand that’ll understand, someone who feels the same
When you live in a cookie cutter world, being different is a sin
So you don’t stand out, but you don’t fit in

I was and am pretty weird. A lot of my early middle school days were spent listening to this song. I didn’t get along with my dad, my sister and I weren’t best friends yet and I really never fit into any groups at school. I maybe had 3-4 close friends who had their own cliques. I, too, felt out of place for most of my school-days.

I looked the song up to see how others interpreted it and it seemed like a lot of Hanson fans liked the song because it said exactly what they were feeling. Doesn’t “weird” describe how must of us felt as awkward adolescents anyway? Only the special few got to carry that weirdness into adulthood.

4 weird things about me:

  1. I’m researching my children’s names before they are even conceived because they must be perfect.
  2. I enjoy writing “thank you” letters because receiving gifts is one of my love languages and I’m always truly grateful.
  3. I’m a grammar fiend. Not weird to me, but I’ve gotten plenty of complaints from those I feel the need to correct.
  4. I love dog shows because nothing is funnier than adults running beside a dog that they think poops gold nuggets.

I’m not *that* weird, right?

*Note: I haven’t seen the video in a while and I was very excited to find it. Their hair is long and their “dancing around” is awkward… don’t hate- it was the 90’s! I bet you weren’t looking much better…

14 Replies to “Sunday Scribbling: Weird”

    1. You should definitely give them a shot! Their newer things are probably more enjoyable if you haven’t loved them since you were 11 years old :)

    1. you’re welcome! they do have a lot of good stuff (their later music mainly). hope you find more you like and don’t end up hating me and their music! lol

  1. Who makes fun of you using correct grammar? It sounds like they’re an idiot. I don’t think that’s weird. I do think Hansen is weird and I’m not surprised they wrote a song about it. Also, children’s names? Seriously? That’s not weird, it’s just depressing. Maybe because I am so akward and weird that I feel you’re very normal. That being said, something I feel that should be put on your weird list is; your love for dog shows and adults running( something we share).

    1. Haha, you always make me laugh! In my defense about the names… I just LOVE names. I’m not interested in the children, just what they are called. Names are fascinating to me… the spellings and origins and meanings… I want mine to be perfectly uncommon but not unheard of. So don’t hate :P. I forgot about the dog shows and will change the post immediately. I had so much fun at those! I can’t wait to go again. That is for sure an annual thing for us!

  2. When commonplace doesn’t fit your mold
    And you struggle with all that you’re told
    Find courage to light your inner eye
    And build up the strength to trend defy
    When your face becomes what you have feared
    Allow yourself to be free; be weird

    1. Did you write this just now for the comment or is this existing in a song? I *love* it! (and you, of course).

  3. I’m commenting on your blog, aren’t you proud? lol I just wanted to say that you are NOT weird; I am obsessed with names too! Current quirky names that I am loving are

    Fleur -with the middle name Elise

    I can’t have boys because it’s too hard to pick out names for them. All I have is Laurence/Laurie – like from Little Women, but I’m not sold on it.

    How goes your quest for the perfect name? What have you come up with?

    1. So far, perfect names include Georgia (or Giorgia), Elisa, Rosalia, Felix & Leo. I only want multiples so I can use them all! lol I Looove Mirabell from your list. I really like “ell/ella” names and that one’s classic but not overused. Glad I’m not the only one!

  4. Well, the lyrics as you said echoed so much of me at this and that point in time :) Wierdly wired we are all, in a way. Good post, enjoyed reading i very much.

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