Luciana’s Favorite iPhone Apps, Edition 2

I’ve upgraded to the iPhone4 and life is better up here. This phone is super fast, clear screen, longer battery life and has mega bonus features. My favorite feature is the multi-tasking because I’m an app-oholic and I have wanted to do more than 1 thing at a time since I got my first iPhone3. Since getting the newer model, I can now listen to my favorite internet radio while playing my favorite time-management game. It’s heavenly.

Luciana’s Favorite iPhone Apps, Edition 1

  1. Words With Friends ($2.99) – Scrabble, but better because you can play with random people or someone you know. I’m quite the wordsmith so if you want to challenge me I’m Lulubelle110.
  2. Find iPhone (free) – Login and this app will find any phone that you connect to it. My husband and I have each other in our app so that we can see where the other’s phone is (or our own). This is perfect for spying on someone or locating a lost cell phone or timing dinner perfectly to your spouse’s arrival home. What’s also nice is that you can disable the phone from the app in case it’s stolen.
  3. Netflix (free) – I’m obsessed with Netflix. I love the instant viewing. I love the DVDs sent to me. I love the lack of late fees. I love everything. I watch Netflix constantly, so I upgraded my account to the unlimited and it was worth it. Now with this app I can watch Netflix at work on my lunch break (and with the iPhone4 retina display it’s perfection).
  4. Live Poker by Zynga (free) – I think this is the best free poker app out there. There are tournaments, sit and go tables, stat recording and more. You need a facebook account to sign up, so I used a fake one to not flood my real one with any spam it might cause (so far none). I love that you can play with real people. The other free apps are only with AI player which isn’t any fun. I learned I’m excellent at poker and I want to play for money soon.
  5. Barnes & Noble (free) – Your basic mobile shopping app, but it lets you search by barcode. So if you’re out and want to scan a book to see if a local B&N has it in stock, you can. Plus, you can reserve books right from the app to pick up in-store.
  6. I’m always looking for great new apps… the cheaper the better!

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