NaNoWriMo & gluten

How have I not heard of this??

NaNoWriMo is what some people in the world consider November. It’s National Novel Writing Month and I just signed up for it.

I like to write and I know I can write… so let’s see what I can grind out in 30 days and nights.

Starting November 1, I will write and upload my word count to the website… I guess you just need 50,000 words of anything.  They expect it to be crap.

There’s a winner, too. I will feel like a winner if I actually finish a project.

In between being fired from a job I hated and discovering NaNoWriMo, I went to the doctor and found out I’m gluten-sensitive.  This requires many many posts to talk about because it’s interesting and complicated.

Other than changing everything I eat, I have been extremely bored and boring.