AIP and Restaurants

Eating outside your home doesn’t have to be hard! Here are some examples of what I’ve eaten at restaurants in the last week or so. I see to have a thing for beets, I guess.

Steamed mussels (all-you-can-eat by the way!!) and grilled beets. This is my new favorite meal!


Arugula salad with oranges, blueberries, beets, and salmon. Olive oil and balsamic on the side. It was dark.


Thankful For: Other People’s Blogs

Trying to eat AIP has been a struggle to start. Between the holidays, my regular social events and family gatherings, I had no idea where to begin and how I would survive outside of my home. I felt the same way going gluten-free but so many places are accommodating to that, how was I going to give up eggs, soy, and dairy just as easily?

The following resources have helped tremendously. Even though I can make my own meal plans now, I regularly check these blogs for new meal ideas and inspiration (especially to feel like I’m not alone). I also follow Instagram food pics from these people and others – I found that taking pictures of what I’m making and eating helps to keep me excited and helps me put effort into my food’s presentation (which is a mega mood booster!).

AIP Lifestyle

Autoimmunie Paleo

Phoenix Helix

Intro to Autoimmune Protocol

Years of being on thyroid medication and being gfree still isn’t making me feel good. So, I had my thyroid antibodies tested and they were quite high.

That brings me to the autoimmune paleo protocol: elimination of inflammatory¬†foods for a month to bring them back to see what’s making my body attack itself.

It sounded horrible at first. I can only eat fruits, meat, fats and vegetables (excluding nightshades). No grain, sugar, dairy, processed foods, nuts/seeds or eggs.

So begins my journey.

It’s been only a couple days but I have already found that meal planning is key.

This week I’m eating AIP chili, ground pork with veggies, bacon and more veggies, poached pears, and soup made with bone broth and leftover turkey.

Pics on Instagram, recipes to follow someday.


Celiac Awareness Day (was yesterday)

Since I don’t like “awareness” days of any kind, I chose not to celebrate or announce it yesterday. What is the point of an awareness day when most of today’s society is aware of situations and they just don’t care? Or don’t have the means or time to take action?

Instead of a boring list of what does and doesn’t have gluten, and why you should care, here is a fun article for the Day After Celiac Awareness Day:

Gluten-free Celebrities

1. Rachel Weisz – didn’t even know who this was until I googled her. Apparently she was in a lot of movies and married Daniel Craig.

2. Elisabeth Hasselbeck – LOVE her. She’s on The View and wrote an amazing g-free diet book that I highly recommend to anyone, even non-Celiacs (see the lovely quote from the book below.)

3. Ryan Phillippe – hottie actor from my youth. Has he been in anything good recently?

4. Geri Halliwell – Ginger Spice, my 2nd favorite Spice Girl (Posh, Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Baby – in that order).

5. Emmy Rossum – didn’t know who this was either, an actress who sings? She’s in the movie Dare, which just happens to be in my Netflix queue. Maybe I’ll watch it now.

6. Chelsea Clinton – daughter of the former president. She’s not that interesting, probably because she’s a vegan and that’s just weird.

7. Bill Clinton – former prez. He insulted my dad and Italians one time when my dad met him and chatted him up. Slightly more interesting than Chelsea.

8. Zooey Deschanel – LOVE her. Can’t wait for the new series New Girl to start on TV this fall. I loved her mostly in Elf, Weeds and Failure to Launch.

Each meal left me bloated and gassy, with  sharp, explosive pains in my abdomen. No matter what I ate, I would soon be doubled over with cramps, awful indigestion, diarrhea Рor all of the above simultaneously. I soon became all too familiar with the location of any and all bathrooms.

-The G-Free Diet: A Gluten-Free Survival Guide, page 5

Celiac Awareness ribbon

I didn’t know the Celiac awareness color was light green when I made this blog. How fitting.

G-Free Review: Joey’s Seafood & Grill

I love seafood, but I don’t love that it’s expensive. Joey’s is the perfect combination of quality, price and g-free accommodations.

It’s a regular favorite for my husband and me.

Until Joey’s, the Hubs didn’t even like fish and now their fish fry is “the best” and the only one he will eat (without complaining the whole night, that is). That’s fine for me because there are so many things I can have!

My usual dish is the pound of crab legs because it’s affordable and amazing. I’ve also had their shrimp and scallops – both were of excellent quality which I didn’t expect for such a casual restaurant. G-free safe cooking styles for the shrimp and scallops that I’ve had so far have been “blackened” and “sauteed Cajun” – both I would highly recommend (but stay away from the Cajun if you don’t like spicy!). Safe sides I’ve had were the french fries, mashed potatoes and coleslaw. Since I love all three, I rarely venture from those, but someday I’ll see what else they have.

MMMmmmm… butter.

The place is usually empty except for Friday and Saturday nights, the service is as wonderful as the food and they took the time to answer my questions about gluten free seasoning and options. The servers I’ve had were surprisingly willing to substitute glutenous foods for safe options in those “combo” dishes that usually come with an attitude when you want something not listed.

If you have a Joey’s Seafood & Grill near you, try them! See if it’s the best fish fry… and if it isn’t, you didn’t have to spend too much to find out.

MMmmmm… crab legs.

G-Free Grade = A