Intro to Autoimmune Protocol

Years of being on thyroid medication and being gfree still isn’t making me feel good. So, I had my thyroid antibodies tested and they were quite high.

That brings me to the autoimmune paleo protocol: elimination of inflammatory foods for a month to bring them back to see what’s making my body attack itself.

It sounded horrible at first. I can only eat fruits, meat, fats and vegetables (excluding nightshades). No grain, sugar, dairy, processed foods, nuts/seeds or eggs.

So begins my journey.

It’s been only a couple days but I have already found that meal planning is key.

This week I’m eating AIP chili, ground pork with veggies, bacon and more veggies, poached pears, and soup made with bone broth and leftover turkey.

Pics on Instagram, recipes to follow someday.


Luciana’s Favorite iPhone Apps, Edition 2

I’ve upgraded to the iPhone4 and life is better up here. This phone is super fast, clear screen, longer battery life and has mega bonus features. My favorite feature is the multi-tasking because I’m an app-oholic and I have wanted to do more than 1 thing at a time since I got my first iPhone3. Since getting the newer model, I can now listen to my favorite internet radio while playing my favorite time-management game. It’s heavenly.

Luciana’s Favorite iPhone Apps, Edition 1

  1. Words With Friends ($2.99) – Scrabble, but better because you can play with random people or someone you know. I’m quite the wordsmith so if you want to challenge me I’m Lulubelle110.
  2. Find iPhone (free) – Login and this app will find any phone that you connect to it. My husband and I have each other in our app so that we can see where the other’s phone is (or our own). This is perfect for spying on someone or locating a lost cell phone or timing dinner perfectly to your spouse’s arrival home. What’s also nice is that you can disable the phone from the app in case it’s stolen.
  3. Netflix (free) – I’m obsessed with Netflix. I love the instant viewing. I love the DVDs sent to me. I love the lack of late fees. I love everything. I watch Netflix constantly, so I upgraded my account to the unlimited and it was worth it. Now with this app I can watch Netflix at work on my lunch break (and with the iPhone4 retina display it’s perfection).
  4. Live Poker by Zynga (free) – I think this is the best free poker app out there. There are tournaments, sit and go tables, stat recording and more. You need a facebook account to sign up, so I used a fake one to not flood my real one with any spam it might cause (so far none). I love that you can play with real people. The other free apps are only with AI player which isn’t any fun. I learned I’m excellent at poker and I want to play for money soon.
  5. Barnes & Noble (free) – Your basic mobile shopping app, but it lets you search by barcode. So if you’re out and want to scan a book to see if a local B&N has it in stock, you can. Plus, you can reserve books right from the app to pick up in-store.
  6. I’m always looking for great new apps… the cheaper the better!

Wednesday Whine: G~Free Idiots

There are a plethora of websites and blogs on Celiac Disease and eating G-Free; I know, because I check out my competition (also, I borrow their neat recipes). With the popularity of avoiding carbs and the increase in autoimmune disorder awareness, why is “gluten” still such a foreign word?

I started a new job a few months ago and right away, I was bracing myself for the moment I would have to tell co-workers that I can’t have wheat. I hate the incessant questions, “Can you have this?”, “Can you have that?,” “Does this have wheat in it?” Previous experience has taught me that people don’t even understand the words “gluten” and “Celiac,” even after I describe them. These new co-workers were no exception.

Maybe it’s just the handful of people I’ve encountered who aren’t bright enough to comprehend “gluten-free”. You know, the kind of people who say, “I says” and “Eye-talian” – can’t expect a whole lot of smarts there.

Two particularly ridiculous moments come to mind. (1) A lady came over to me, “I like to bring in a baked good for my birthday – you wont be able to have that – but I also bring in a fruit salad. Can you have fruit?” Really? Is the fruit covered in flour? Because last time I checked, fruit didn’t have wheat in it. (2) One day pizza was being ordered for lunch. I was seriously asked, and this is an exact quote, “I know you can’t order pizza with us, but what about something else from the restaurant? Like pasta.” PASTA?! Since when is pasta the g-free alternative to pizza? I’m not sure people think very hard about the things they say. And sadly, these were separate people who said these things.

Even something as seemingly simple as dairy vs. non-dairy can’t be mastered by some people. I remember when my sister was younger and couldn’t have dairy, we had to request everything without it. And people actually asked if she could have eggs. Are eggs squeezed from a milk-giving animals teats? No? Oh ok, then it looks like eggs are NON-DAIRY.

Are people that stupid? Or do they just not think? I was hoping that when Celiac Disease became mainstream, people would be less retarded about it. So far it seems the dumb people will always ruin it for everyone else.

No Wheat!
No Wheat!


Sometimes I shock myself with the amount of compassion I can feel.  I know I’m so blessed and maybe I’m just growing up and realizing how much I really have and how many people actually have nothing…  But lately I have such a heavy heart for people less fortunate than I am.

My family might be broken, but I can see a little neighbor girl’s family in pain and unraveling.  There’s nothing I can do for her (unless I suspect abuse, which I don’t yet) except pray.  I hear her cry many mornings when her mom screams at her to get her “f*cking boots on”.  Every morning this little girl has to go to school with tear stained cheeks, probably feeling alone and unloved.  I remember what it was like to have a parent on edge who yelled a lot.  Maybe that’s her situation, that will get better.  Maybe it will get worse.  I don’t know.  I don’t even know her name.  I know that I get teary when I think about her and hope someday I’ll be able to help her in a tangible way.

My finances might be in poor condition, but we are not poor.  We have so much.  This country has so much.  We wipe our asses with $5 bills and the people in Haiti live off $2 a day.  I am more upset that people have no compassion than I am for the Haitians.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m so sad for them.  I donated my $10 via the Red Cross and I think we will again – because really, $10 is the *very* least we can do.  What I cannot stand is when people get upset at celebrities for helping others.  So what if an actor chooses to donate their money to the cause of their choice?  What are YOU doing with your money?  No one can help everyone all the time.  I think it’s wonderful that people with a lot of money can help where they do, no matter their reasons.  Many US shelters are open because of donation, not because they are profitable.  I would like everyone whining about celebrity charities lacking National priorities (ie, they should be “fixing” US problems before aiding others) to reflect on who they have charitably donated to with their time and money.  If it’s no one, then maybe you should try living on $2 and see how you feel about poor countries then.

I might be unemployed, but I’m marketable.  This last year has been particularly rough on my family as there are several unemployed parents.  Parents with high level degrees, work experience and strong work history.  We all know they will find work again though.  There are those people though, who can’t hold down a job and who are struggling to feed their families and have no hope of working anytime soon.  I’m so grateful for my chance to be able to go to school and have a degree.  I’m so grateful for my working experiences.  They have given me opportunities for the career experience I need to get started in entry level writing jobs and they have given me excellent references.  I feel so sad for everyone who feels hopeless and like they are running out of options.  I could still become a career counselor I suppose… Again, there’s nothing I can really do for people except pray for them.  Which feels so trivial.  I want to donate all my time and money instead… and if I didn’t have a husband or need a job to pay growing bills, I might be able to do all three.