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Thankful For: God’s Promises

I recently started telling myself affirmations. The people I got them from use secular sayings about how wonderful they are. That’s fine, I think self-love is important. I wanted to focus on God and what He can do in my life. Here are some of my favorites lately:

The Holy Spirit is my helper; Iā€™m never alone and I have the peace of God.ā€“ Philippians 4:7

I expect the Glory of God to be poured out on my life like the rain. ā€“ Zechariah 10:1

I’ve noticed shifts, for sure. Mostly I have peace- that’s most important to me.

Thankful For: Other People’s Blogs

Trying to eat AIP has been a struggle to start. Between the holidays, my regular social events and family gatherings, I had no idea where to begin and how I would survive outside of my home. I felt the same way going gluten-free but so many places are accommodating to that, how was I going to give up eggs, soy, and dairy just as easily?

The following resources have helped tremendously. Even though I can make my own meal plans now, I regularly check these blogs for new meal ideas and inspiration (especially to feel like I’m not alone). I also follow Instagram food pics from these people and others – I found that taking pictures of what I’m making and eating helps to keep me excited and helps me put effort into my food’s presentation (which is a mega mood booster!).

AIP Lifestyle

Autoimmunie Paleo

Phoenix Helix

Thankful For: My bosses

I’m so thankful that I work for people who care about me as a person, as well as my career advancement. Not all of the bosses at my workplace care, but the two most immediate supervisors I have, do.

One of my bosses is going out of her way to make sure there’s an AIP safe meal I can eat at our Christmas luncheon. And my other boss regularly asks for my ideas and input and takes them seriously. She also makes sure I am learning new things. It helps me at my current job and everything she’s teaching me will look great on my resume to other future employers (should I need them).

So simple and awesome, but unfortunately rare.


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