Intro to Autoimmune Protocol

Years of being on thyroid medication and being gfree still isn’t making me feel good. So, I had my thyroid antibodies tested and they were quite high.

That brings me to the autoimmune paleo protocol: elimination of inflammatory¬†foods for a month to bring them back to see what’s making my body attack itself.

It sounded horrible at first. I can only eat fruits, meat, fats and vegetables (excluding nightshades). No grain, sugar, dairy, processed foods, nuts/seeds or eggs.

So begins my journey.

It’s been only a couple days but I have already found that meal planning is key.

This week I’m eating AIP chili, ground pork with veggies, bacon and more veggies, poached pears, and soup made with bone broth and leftover turkey.

Pics on Instagram, recipes to follow someday.


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