Thankful For: Other People’s Blogs

Trying to eat AIP has been a struggle to start. Between the holidays, my regular social events and family gatherings, I had no idea where to begin and how I would survive outside of my home. I felt the same way going gluten-free but so many places are accommodating to that, how was I going to give up eggs, soy, and dairy just as easily?

The following resources have helped tremendously. Even though I can make my own meal plans now, I regularly check these blogs for new meal ideas and inspiration (especially to feel like I’m not alone). I also follow Instagram food pics from these people and others – I found that taking pictures of what I’m making and eating helps to keep me excited and helps me put effort into my food’s presentation (which is a mega mood booster!).

AIP Lifestyle

Autoimmunie Paleo

Phoenix Helix

Thankful For: My bosses

I’m so thankful that I work for people who care about me as a person, as well as my career advancement. Not all of the bosses at my workplace care, but the two most immediate supervisors I have, do.

One of my bosses is going out of her way to make sure there’s an AIP safe meal I can eat at our Christmas luncheon. And my other boss regularly asks for my ideas and input and takes them seriously. She also makes sure I am learning new things. It helps me at my current job and everything she’s teaching me will look great on my resume to other future employers (should I need them).

So simple and awesome, but unfortunately rare.


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Intro to Autoimmune Protocol

Years of being on thyroid medication and being gfree still isn’t making me feel good. So, I had my thyroid antibodies tested and they were quite high.

That brings me to the autoimmune paleo protocol: elimination of inflammatory¬†foods for a month to bring them back to see what’s making my body attack itself.

It sounded horrible at first. I can only eat fruits, meat, fats and vegetables (excluding nightshades). No grain, sugar, dairy, processed foods, nuts/seeds or eggs.

So begins my journey.

It’s been only a couple days but I have already found that meal planning is key.

This week I’m eating AIP chili, ground pork with veggies, bacon and more veggies, poached pears, and soup made with bone broth and leftover turkey.

Pics on Instagram, recipes to follow someday.