As this blog has proved (Exhibit A), one of the traits I’m cursed with is starting projects and never finishing them. I have no good excuse for this.

Exhibit B: 6 months after my January wedding, I finally printed photos and filled the empty frames in my apartment. Said frames also still had the price stickers on them. Again, no good excuse.

Exhibit C: my summer goal list. I have a great excuse for not completing this one – summer school. With 9 credits to finish for my BA, I had to take 3 classes this summer, all staggered over 2 months.

Turns out, school this summer was more work than I thought it would be. Of course, I didn’t hesitate to use my great skipping & BSing skills to get through it.

I *did* read half of the “Comics” book for my pending review. I also squeezed in reading some Michael Crichton because he’s a literary genius.

Most of my free time this summer has been spent playing Word of Warcraft with my husband and spending time with my best friend/sister who is home from college. On Luciana’s list of priorities, the spouse&sis and WoW always come first :D

Summer isn’t over yet, though! Tomorrow is my final day as an undergrad. After that, I’ll work on my grad school application, finding a “grown-up” job and reading poolside. Life is tough.


  1. Adam Vogel

    Oh come on, the “Comics” book is a quick read; I bet you could finish it in one night. I seem to suffer from the same problems… my website is still “almost” done. Though I wouldn’t really say that you ever finish a blog/website, they can certainly die out, but as long as you post regularly, (but not necessarily frequently) you can keep some amount of your readers’ interest. Try something like once every two weeks, but make that post a real solid article, well thought out and edited.

  2. luciana

    Yea, it’s a quick read but I was trying to pay close attention to write a thorough review of it. I’ll just read fast to get through and then my review won’t be as magical as it could have been :)


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