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G-Free Review: Moondance Cheesecake

After a stressful morning at work, I decided I would treat myself to the Chocolate Chip Cheesecake cup  (from Moondance) waiting for me in the fridge.

cheesecake heaven in a cup!
cheesecake heaven in a cup!

This heavenly creation was probably one of the best tasting grocery-store (Whole Foods to be exact) cheesecakes I’ve ever had.

The crust is “pecan shortbread” and I think it’s more pecan than cookie. I normally don’t like pecans but the texture and flavor only made the creamy cheesecake better. The cheese filling is typical, I would say. Nothing extraordinary, but nonetheless delicious.

For someone who is a chocolate fanatic, I initially thought the light sprinkling of chocolate chips was a bit too scarce. However, everything (crust, cake, topping) was in perfect proportion.

This is an excellent dessert – high in calories and high in satisfaction. I would definitely try more flavors… maybe when I’m not on a diet.

Don’t go the website if you’re hungry.

G-Free Grade = A+

In other news:
my scarf is coming along beautifully. I kind of wish I would have made something different. A hat maybe? I’m scared to try new shapes though…  Knit and Crochet Now! makes everything look so easy!

beautiful stitching
beautiful stitching

Officially A Fitz

It’s official, I no longer use my maiden name. The one place I haven’t changed it on record is at my university because I’m waiting until I get my diploma for my BA. After that, I will use my married name and apply with that for grad school.

Even before I changed important things like my Social Security card and my bank accounts, our mail started being addressed to me as Fitzgerald. I was ok with that.

It was a bit unsettling though, when I changed my name at work. I got a new mailbox file in a new location because I’m no longer in the A’s. Of course, no one told me so I thought maybe someone removed it because I was being fired (not likely but I’m far from being a valued employee). Even after I asked about my mailbox, no one decided to tell me that my log-in information had changed. We sign in using an ID that has part of our last name in it. They changed mine without warning me so I couldn’t log in properly. Maybe it was the lost feeling at work that made me upset, but I really didn’t like the change.

After a week of working with my new mailbox and what not, I was starting getting used to writing my new name over and over for things. It wasn’t until the attendance sheet at school that we have to sign, that I forgot which name to write. I’m still Azzarello at school, and it was a little sad that after today, I won’t get to write that anymore. (Today is my last day of classes.)

A lot of women are excited for their new last name. I would have been if I married into an Italian family but I didn’t so it’s definitely more traumatic than exciting for me. My name tells people where in Italy my family is from. Azzarello isn’t a common last name so that’s special too. If it were a perfect world, sharing last names wouldn’t be the norm and husbands taking their wives last names would be acceptable.

Side notes: I do like what my initials spell now and it was the inspiration for my tattoo. I want another leaf tattoo soon. And my new signature looks cool with the F instead of A.


I have decided to make some summer goals**.  Normally, I like to just take summer day-by-day and see what happens. I might read some books or workout when I feel like it. Summer has been my relaxing break between vigorous semesters of college and now that college is ending, I think the grown-up thing to do is have some goals.

In addition to the constant goal of finding a new job/career path, I want this summer to be about new things. Not necessarily trying something new every day (although that could be an interesting experiment and fun FRIENDS reference) but trying new things in the activities I already enjoy but never branch out of.

Example: reading. I love to read so that’s not new. But I typically read the same things. I either like historical fiction, fantasy, or trashy fluff girl books. I want to read some new things this summer. My most artistic friend swears that comics are an ingenious form of art and literature, so I’m curious to see if I agree. I also want to read a biography because I haven’t since it was a requirement in high school. *Suggestions for this are welcomed.*

I also love cooking and need to branch out of my regular dishes for the sake of my own interest (not to mention for my husband’s!). I received a gigantic Bible of Italian cooking so I think one of my goals will be to master that.

A short story has been in a works for a while because I keep scrapping it. The last goal is to finish a short story (or more!) by August. I even have a pretty link on the blog that’s sad and empty. This must change!

**I reserve the right to remove, add or alter these goals at any time during the summer of 2009.